Part 2 – Growing orchids and their light requirements

Here we discuss growing orchids and their light requirements in this second article in the series.

Light requirements for growing orchids is a complex topic. But if you start with this question, (as per my first article) where does your orchid come from? Then you can try and replicate these light conditions. For example, my orchid comes from tropical humid rainforests and grows in the shade on the forest floor, then that’s your goal. Think about this environment with its dappled sunlight and sometimes deep shade and realise that this is their light requirement. While orchids are adaptable, if you stray too far past these boundaries your orchid will not thrive. If an orchid is getting enough light, the leaves will be a light yellow green. 

This is part of the reason that serious growers will grow orchid plants in pots or mounted so they can move them around. For instance many orchids will take full sun in winter.

Light is an important consideration for growing orchids and lack of light will contribute to non flowering of your orchid plant.

If you are an indoor grower then you will need to consider the availability of light inside your house and sometimes grow lights will be needed. You could be limited here in your plant species unless you have plenty of window sills or glass where you can give diffused but bright light, never direct sun. You will cook your orchid.

So don’t forget to consider light requirements for successful orchid growing.

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