Part 1 – Growing orchids

Growing orchids

The key to growing orchids or any plant really well. You need certain information. It’s no different with orchids. Orchids require the same or at least a similar climate to where they originate. So the first question is: where does this orchid come from? If it’s tropical and you live in a cold climate then you are going to have to provide an artificial environment to keep your orchid happy. Otherwise buy an orchid that is a cool climate grower.

The next lot of information relates to how orchids are grown, or: cultural requirements. Most orchids have specialised root systems and through these they grow by attaching themselves to an available host; usually another plant or tree. These kind of plants are called ‘epiphytes’ and include many different genera not just orchids.

Once happily attached to their host they absorb the rain and nutrients that fall from the canopy. As they grow they expand upwards, reaching higher towards the sky with the breezes, the mist and the sunshine. Dwell on that last sentence to intuit what an orchid likes, and you will not go wrong.

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