Bespoke orchid wall art

ceramic wall planter with orchid

Renowned local potter ‘Katy J’, aka Kay Reading has made some lovely terracotta backing mounts for my orchid plants.  Have a look at the photos.  

I love these and I think they will sell really well.  They make a perfect gift for someone and are suitable Australia wide as long as you keep them inside in temperate and cooler zones.

They will be bespoke but contain a mini orchid; an air plant and cut flowers.    The orchid is Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow ‘Pink Crystal’ which is very prolific, often producing secondary flower spikes.  Absolutely stunning plant.  

Tolumnia are easy to grow outside in the tropics and inside in temperate to cooler areas.  They are miniature (epiphyte)epiphyte orchids so that they will stay beautifully contained on the terracotta mounts for many many pleasurable years!

They will come with a leather cord so that you can hang them on your wall to get early morning sunshine outside, (not all day blazing heat) or on a wall inside.  They will only need spritzing with water (most days) and foliar fertiliser, only during the growing season.

I will soon be ready to sell these from my premises, or via my website by mail (Qld only).  Please let me know if you wish to pre-order by email:

Orchid wall art

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