V. garayi or Ascocentrum miniatum a hot mini orchid

Vanda garayi

Don’t be fooled by the itsy bitsy size of mini orchids, a well grown specimen can pack a big punch.

There were 13 species of Ascocentrum, and 2 subspecies of Asctm. aurantiacum. These are now included in the genus Vanda. (source)

V. garayi will require very bright light up to full sun and like any of the Vanda sp do well mounted. In Asia they are nailed to trees where the long aerial roots can hang freely. This can be practiced in any hot humid climate. In all honesty I prefer my terracotta mounts. They look great on the wall and undercover, but they must receive care.

The standout for me for this mini orchid is the bright orange flowers that can literally smother the plant.

This mini orchid species is distributed from the Himalayas through Burma to Java and into the Phillipines. It is common in Thailand in deciduous forests at elevations from 800 to 2,500 feet. (AOS.org)

Like all Vanda sp it is a monopodial epiphyte. It grows to a height of approximately 20 to 25 cm. Mature plants can produce many keikis that flower when small. The flowers can last up to 2 weeks.

The other bonus for organic growers is disease and pest resistance.

What’s not to like about mini orchids?

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