Mounting mini orchids

Phalaenopsis hookeriana
Phalaenopsis hookeriana
Phalaenopsis hookeriana

In this video I show you how to mount a mini orchid. Technically, whilst not actually mounting, as we are using a planter, the process is the same. You will need:

  • A mini orchid. I’m using Phalaenopsis deliciosa;
  • Sphagnum moss;
  • A mount or as shown here an air fern planter
  • Floral glue

The process:

  1. Remove all potting medium from around the orchid’s roots.
  2. Squeeze glue onto mount making sure you cover enough area to allow the roots and sphagnum moss to be attached
  3. Place the orchid onto the glue spreading the roots out and pushing down gently. The glue is tacky so do this for a few minutes to allow it to take hold.
  4. Now cover the roots with the damp sphagnum moss and again push down gently to make sure it sticks to the glue.
  5. Mist with seaweed solution made to manufacturers directions

These air fern planters are great for mounting mini orchids. They effectively shade the plant from too much sun. They are porous (if unglazed) and create a humid chamber which orchids love. Just regularly mist to keep the moss damp.

More information on growing mini orchids can be found here

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Video showing how to mount a mini orchid

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