How to grow Dendrobium Loddigesii


A miniature warm growing orchid

This article will share my tips on how to grow Dendrobium Loddigesii.

This Dendrobium orchid has to be the hardest species to get right in terms of spelling Is it one D two? Two G’s one? You get the idea.

I have flowered this orchid in the subtropics, as far North as the Sunshine Coast hinterland, but have yet to see flowers here in the tropics (Cardwell). It needs a cool winter and a rest. When we settled here It got everything but that.

Dendrobium Loddigesii is a beautiful mini orchid and if I don’t get any flowers it will be a major disappointment, but I can still enjoy it for its daintiness and ease of culture.

This orchid when in bloom is spectacular, with large rose lilac petals and sepals, an orange lip and a pretty fringed labellum. It has tiny pseudobulbs and flowers on old growth in spring.

How to grow Dendrobium Loddigesii

From my experience this orchid is not a heavy feeder but that will depend on where it is located, ie is it outside collecting leaf debris and rain, or is it mounted? It will take bright light, diffused sunlight and light shade conditions.

My Dendrobium is growing in a wooden box and I have taken cuttings and affixed them to air fern planters and also onto coconut fibre.

Air fern planter with Dendrobium Loddigesii attached

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