Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow ‘Pink Crystal’

Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow 'Pink Crystal'

About Tolumnia

Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow ‘Pink Crystal’ is a compact orchid with cascading flowers that are white, with a pastel pink blush and brown markings. 

The fan shaped leaves of Tolumnia are dark green and can be purple in high light.   The plants typically grow to about 15 cm high.  They can be grown in pots. I grow them on terracotta mounts as shown here.

Tolumnia orchid growing on terracotta orchid mount
Tolumnia orchid growing on terracotta orchid mount

Growing Tolumnias

Where do they come from?  This is the first question you ask yourself when growing orchids. See my article here Part 1 – Growing orchids

Tolumnia species are distributed throughout the Caribbean basin and tropical Americas. They prefer warm, humid conditions. If you are in a warm climate and can grow them outside, dappled light under trees, or palms is ideal. Growing inside under lights is a possibility but that’s another subject.    They will take bright light in winter.

Medium for Tolumnias

I use bark in pots and coconut fibre or sphagnum moss on mounts to grow Tolumnia.  Really any medium is fine as long as they have perfect drainage and you don’t over pot or water too much in winter.

Flowering of Tolumnias

Deep shade will not encourage flowers and can cause fungal, and bacterial problems.  I use a combination of fertilisers (organic/inorganic) for best results.  I mix at a rate of at least half of the recommenced rate and sometimes less and apply at least weekly.  You can use any seaweed product.  I love Seasol tm.   I will use an orchid food mainly because it has a high potassium content which is good for flowers and disease resistance.  When I have bananas I use the dried peel straight onto backs of plants or slurry them down in a bucket and use the water as a dilute spray.  Beware it does attract ants!

Watering Tolumnias

You will will kill this orchid very very quickly with too much water.   Perfect drainage is essential.  Light misting often is best. If you mount your Tolumnias they will need frequent misting in hot weather.

—C U L T U R E —

Temperature:Intermediate to warm (60 to 80-85 F)
Light:Bright diffused light
Water-Humidity:Maintain humidity above 50%. Water thoroughly when dry. Key to success in cultivation is to promote rapid drying and good air circulation.
Fertilizer:Quarter to half strength balanced fertiliser at regular intervals.
Potting:Best grown mounted on cork, tree-fern, twigs, etc. If potted, a coarse, fast-draining mix and clay pots will facilitate rapid drying and ample air circulation about the roots.
American Orchid Society
Author:Anita Aldrich

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